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The New beginnings of Spring

Selection of crafts by Kildare based businesses
Photo by Aishling Conway


I can’t quite believe that February is ending and here begins the meteorological Spring and the promise of longer evenings, brighter days and less layers!

The start of the year has seen me slowly come out of hibernation. I actually love the early weeks of January, after the hustle bustle of Christmas. The quiet allows me to indulge in planning and research for the year to come, a good tidy up, of the mind if not the actual studio (it’s still messy chaos)!

This year I worked on new pieces that have been part of a small solo show in Maynooth Community Library, drawing to a close on Friday. Even more delightfully my main piece entitled “Rock Pool” has been sold and I am now working on derivatives of this theme, let’s see where it takes me.

I’ve really enjoyed having my work on display here in my local adopted hometown. The library is a sanctuary for many. A warm and cosy space for students, children doing homework, and locals browsing books. I’ve signed up for another slot in March 2025, which will give me something to work towards.

The Brigid 1500 exhibition in Kildare town was a huge success. The Sult artists collective organized this, and 50 pieces were selected to be shown in public shops, bars, pubs and restaurants. I truly loved the concept of bringing art into the hub of the community and out of austere art gallery settings. The work of wool in school shown in the Church was a particular highlight and remains on show until April. My absolute favourite piece was the new mural by Mister Copy- a masterpiece, and he is working on a second one on the side of the Firecastle building.

Photo by Aishling Conway

Minister Neale Richmond, Head of Enterprise LEO Kildare Jacqui McNabb and Tamzen Lundy

I met with ministers and Councilors in the LEO Merits building earlier this month. Minister Neale Richmond was doing a tour of the Local enterprise Offices. I was very proud to have my faux fox taxidermy chosen as the gift (by head of Enterprise Jacqui McNabb and Clare Dunleavey). To be gifted on behalf of the LEO and representing the craft and creative cluster. As I told him on the day, not as practical as the usual gifts he is likely to receive- rugby balls and socks, but a lot more memorable! Let’s hope that Kildare and the Council are remembered when it comes to future financing, in order to continue this upward trajectory of encouraging the arts in our county!


SMEs of Kildare holding their products
Photo of Small Business of Kildare by Ashling Conway

March will be busy, with my first engagement in schools. I’m looking forward to working with the “Cosmos” Kids in Culmullin for a day long workshop in the ASD unit. The first Markets of the year for me are St Pats Day 17th in Celbridge and the 18th at the Avon Lakeshore resort.

With Mother’s Day at the start and Easter at the end of the month there are many little opportunities to give gifts that will last and a little bit special. You can buy online via my wee shop or in person at the markets this month. Of course, experiences are probably some of the best gifts- so why not give mum a day out?? Felt making a floral wreath anyone? - Mum and daughter pairs are very welcome! Sign up here under workshops.


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