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Exhibition Brigid 1500- Opening Saturday 27th at 4pm in Kildare Town Square.

Kildare Town will be transformed into an open-air art gallery, when more than 20 local businesses will exhibit 60 works of international and national art in their windows as part of the Brigid 1500 celebrations in the new year.

This uniquely accessible art exhibition titled “Unravelling an Icon, Celebrating and Remembering Brigid and her Legacy,” was organized by Sult Artist-led Collective.

based in Kildare, to reflect the traditions, customs and symbols associated with Brigid’s legacy, to mark the 1500 the anniversary of the death of Brigid in February 2024.


I’m so happy to have a piece selected for the exhibition, following an international open call in May this year, 215 pieces of art were submitted by artists, from all over the world.  Sult Artists, a member of Co. Kildare Arts Service as well as a curator from IMMA had the difficult task of shortlisting down to  the successful applicants.

The idea behind the exhibition is to make art as accessible as possible and create more.

opportunities for people to interact with art. We hope the local community and visitors coming to the town will really enjoy the artworks and learn more about Brigid.


The exhibition will include paintings, ceramics, photography, film, sculpture, animation, printmaking, stitching, felting, weaving, digital art, stained glass, drawing, embroidery, mosaic, mixed media, batik, and textile work.

“The artworks will be displayed in windows to be seen from the outside and will be illuminated in the evening, so people can view the work at all times even when the businesses are closed.

My piece is wet felted, approx 50cm sq, wool, silk and tweed. With embroidery... I have embroidered the names of many Irish women, of history and present day. Modern day and every day embodiments of Brigid. They are connected by a red thread, with the quote "They tried to bury me, but I was a seed" attributed to the late Sinead O'Connor.


There will be a guide map of the exhibits available to direct visitors to each shop window exhibit. The free Brigid 1500 Art Trail in Kildare Town will be launched at 4.00p.m. on Saturday 27 th January and will run from 28 th January – 18 th February 2024.


This project is supported by Brigid 1500 and Kildare Co Council.

Just a quick note to say also- I’m taking bookings online for my workshop on Feb 18th in Dublin- see details here... come have some fun, fibre and chats making a wet felted glasses case and learning lots of additional tips and tricks!

Please also remember I have now launched “Wet-Felting” Kits, for any of you new to or thinking of taking up the craft you can purchase directly on my website… I’d also appreciate it if you could share this information… quality materials available conveniently and locally.



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