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Workshop- August Craft Month, Cat making 18th



In this full day course, participants will learn the basics of wet- felting, the worlds oldest form of textile making.

This is a fabulous introduction to a very sensory craft, suitable beginners and intermediate Feltmakers as we will be using a resist and making a 3d item. And lets face it, we are making a cat! so this is suitable for cat lovers too!


Tamzen (former chairperson Feltmakers Ireland and textile professional of 25yrs+ experience) will introduce the group to the basics of wet felting, then move on to felting around a resist to produce a 3d item… we plan to make FUNKY FELINES on the day!!


Everyone will go away with their own pet cat + plenty of skills to use in your own work and a creative buzz! All materials are provided.


This is a full day course for Adults 10.30am – 4pm ( 4.30 ish... just to make sure everyone gets finished)!

€95 for the day. We will have a coffee break and lunch break ( please bring a packed lunch or there are plenty of eateries in Celbridge as well as the local food and craft market).

Its hard to pin people down in August- for anything other than the promise of a BBQ... so if you read this post- please share it with friends and your contact list- to HELP me fill up the workshop places... I promise they will have fun!

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