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Local Market season is back!

Sunday 12th 11am- 4pm find me in Celbridge.

Hello all,

Just a little shout out to let you know I'll be in Celbridge this Sunday at the "Purple Llama Market". Thats at the Slip hall end of down, by the lower gates of the avenue leading up to Castletown House.

There's always a nice buzz and the Sleepy Panda Coffee horsebox, run by Pamela and Sons is there to keep you fuelled even on the coldest days.

Its my first market of the year. Do you know we marketeers are there at about 8:30- packing and pitching in order to get ready for the punters arriving for their "early morning" walks. So say "hello" as you pass by, share the event to your group pages. Bring a brolly, wrap up warm and get out before the afternoon of rugby!

Felted handmade goodies are ready and waiting for you to gift

I'm adding a small section to my stand "pocket money prices"... that are PLASTIC FREE! cause i realise a lot of kids find my stall really attractive, then their parents nearly faint when they feel pressured to buy a fox or an artdoll... I realise these gifts are for "birthdays", "Special days"... and not your average Sunday... plus my gifts are meant for YOU not your kids... so I'm adding little bits. There will be a section of €3.50- €10 pocket money priced plastic free... badges, keyrings, hearts and the like. In my aim to prove you can buy better for the planet and your pocket.

Please share the date: Sunday 12th 11am-4pm

Even if you can't visit the market yourself, I'd appreciate a shout out on socials... a share of a post and a share of the event... as I try to continue to grow my handmade solo enterprise!

Thats all folks! thank you.

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