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A Clip of a Class

On Saturday March 25th I had the wonderful pleasure of facilitating ten lovely ladies in the art of felt making. Most were first timers and I do hope they enjoyed the magic of this heritage craft. The wispy fibres when wetted matting together, the vigorous rubbing and rolling, the squishy suds and soapy sods. Then the transformation to fully felted, firm and fulled FELT.... (note not fluff, which you often see about the place or being taught, but FELT... fully felted)!

We made cats, a favourite project of mine! Stuffed again with wool- No polyfil plastic fibres to be found here. I like my products to be as biodegrable as you are!... ( that sometimes causes a talking point when I teach kids classes, but I think they like a bit of the macabre)!

Finishing with needle felted and embroidered details, each participant took home their own pet kitten. Ten completely different cats, all unique to their owner.

My next workshop is on May 7th. 10am- 4pm, hosed by the lovely Elaine in Brookwood Pottery, studio and shop. Elaine’s Fairview, Marino, Dublin venue already hosts Clay making workshops on a Saturday and is a treasure trove of Irish craft for sale. So together we are trailing this intimate venue for Felt making. We both agree that it is like clay, but a little cleaner! Elaine aims to make this special shop a creative hub. I am delighted to be visiting the big smoke and with an intimate 4-person workshop you will get all the tuition time you need from a textile tutor of 25 years’ experience.

Ask me anything ( except trade secrets, in which case I may tell you but I'll have to kill you afterwards) and book direct via my website.

Spread the word folks- our small artists and independent venues need your help to keep our high streets special!

X Tamzen

Thanks so much to the wonderful Photographer- Kelly Hamilton, for taking marvellous photos of my workshop... and once again Thanks to the RIVERBANK, Newbridge for hosting and their wonderful team for their hospitality.

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